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Feeling Valued Equals Loyalty When It Comes to Healthcare Workers

It’s hard to feel personally invested in a job if you don’t feel valued by your employer – especially for healthcare workers. So, how can delivering value lead to loyalty and ultimately retention for healthcare employers? … Read More

Healthcare Workers Want Financial Stability and the Opportunity to Build Wealth

What do healthcare workers want and how can employers provide it? We asked them, and we have a solution in mind for healthcare employers. … Read More

Top 3 Reasons Healthcare Workers Are Considering Leaving Their Jobs

Since the pandemic, the healthcare industry has seen skyrocketing burnout and resignations. Learn what’s driving healthcare workers out the door. … Read More

How To Avoid Employees Promoting Themselves

Compensation is where an employee’s professional setup meets their personal needs. Building personal value into a comp package through a vesting cash bonus ensures an employee feels heard and appreciated – proactively – while an employer gets the retention they need. … Read More

Teach Your Employees to Fish

Standard compensation isn’t keeping employees engaged and happy. What if you offered them cash today to enhance their financial future – while teaching them what to do with it? … Read More

Employers Can Do Better When It Comes to Tuition Reimbursement

What many employers offer now in terms of tuition reimbursement or education support is a start, but they could be doing much more to help their employees while ensuring their retention at the company. … Read More

Here’s Why Equity Falls Short When it Comes to Compensation

Listen up, recruiters and hiring managers! Equity doesn’t hold the power you think it does. 76% of equity recipients would prefer upfront cash tied to retention.
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Give Your People What They Want – It’s Time for Flexible Compensation

Flexible compensation gives employees a valuable choice – and that’s one more way an employer can stand out in today’s competitive labor market.  … Read More

The Hidden Opportunity To Keep Your Best Amidst Pay Transparency Laws

Pay transparency laws are meant to create greater equity in the workplace. Which we fully support. But, how do you reward top performers while complying with legislation? … Read More