Beyond Equity

Retaining employees with equity and vesting cash

Beyond Equity .

Equity is a powerful retention tool, however employees have varying financial goals. Give employees the flexibility to balance equity with vesting cash.

Retention Strategy

Understanding Your Employees’ Financial Goals

Stock options and restricted stock units (RSUs) have long been considered a way to make employees feel invested, appreciated and rewarded – and many employees have come to expect options or equity as part of their compensation package.

However, employees often have financial goals that equity may or may not serve.
Providing employees with vesting cash bonuses gives the employers the retention advantages while giving employees funds immediatly they may need to acheive their financial goals.

Consider offering your employees the option to choose a percenage of this benefit as vesting cash instead of stock options or RSUs.

The Challenge

Equity Limitations

Over the past few years, options have become increasingly ineffective due to a lack of:


Stock options and RSUs have a lot of fine print and moving pieces. It can be very confusing to employees.


Not all options are created equal, among employees and companies. Market fluctuations creates inconsistent income.


An option could become meaningless if the company does not experience the success they planned for.


Financial goals vary by employee. Often equity won’t motivate as effectivly as immediate cash with a vesting schedule.

How can we use

Keep when it comes to equity?

Cash Alternative

You can deliver vesting cash to employees in lieu of stock options or restricted stock units (RSUs). In doing so, employees receive cash today with the agreement to stay for a specific period of time.

Cash to Purchase Equity

You can give employees a vesting cash bonus with the sole purpose of exercising stock options and attaining what would have been unattainable equity in the company – tied to a retention period.

Flexible Equity To Vesting Cash Packages

Hiring, Retention, and Performance Solution.

Keep’s Employee Engagement Platform (KEEP) is customizable, easy to deploy, and offers companies the flexibility to deliver compensation strategies that dramatically improve hiring and retention across the organization. Keep gives employers the ability to customize and deliver vesting bonuses to address employees’ personal needs (like paying off student debt or investing in future wealth) while delivering the company tangible, trackable benefits such as tenure, engagement, and ROI.

Keep Platform Benefits

Turn-key Onboarding

Turn-key onboarding that allows HR teams to instantly leverage the platform with no dependence on IT integrations.

Bonus Management Dashboard

Bonus dashboard for HR teams to have an integrated view of their bonus portfolio with notifications and updates (for both employers and employees) about key milestones for bonuses.

Employee Portal

Employee self-service portal that lets employees manage their KEEP account and view their bonus vesting schedules.

Governance & Compliance
Governance and compliance features including robust auditing and reconciliation for the finance and FinOps teams to track every bonus and tax payments.
Performance Challenges
Performance Challenges

Attach performance challenges to bonuses. Set goals, if an employee achieves the goals you define, then the employee is rewarded with a reduction in vesting schedule or balance.

Embedded Fintech

Enable seamless bonus delivery and funding execution for increased efficiency. Intuitive user interface (UI) for any sized organization and employees at all salary levels.

Employee Retention Program

Deploy a vesting bonus plan in minutes, not weeks.

Creating an equitable retention plan can be challenging. With KEEP you can easily select and configure vesting cash bonuses for the employees you wish to secure.

See how Keep can help you create a successful employee retention bonus program in this short video.

Did you know?

Losing, attracting, hiring, and training employees can be expensive and time consuming.
This is a very real, yet fixable problem with Keep Financial’s vesting bonuses.


Percentage of employees who responded yes to ‘if a company invested in them, they would stay longer.

16% - 213%

Employee turnover costs between 15% and 213% of the workers salary.


Only 23% of businesses say they are not having trouble with hiring.


Workers actively looking for new job opportunities.

8 Months

Average number of month for an employee to reach full productivity.

42 Days

Average number of days it takes to fill an open position.


Turnover rates of 20% before the pandemic could face a turnover rate as high as 24% in 2022 and years to come.

46.7 Hours

Companies spend an average of 46.7 hours to train an employee.

The Keep Advantage.

Keep Financial is revolutionizing how companies attract and retain top talent with vesting cash bonuses – providing an easy-to-use platform to create and deploy usable cash to employees that is earned over their tenure.

Easy to implement and scale

Delivers long term engagement as these are not transactional but purpose built to drive employee engagement.

Retain top talent

Set bonus vesting schedules that drive retention. Enable employees to access the funds early to achieve their financial goals.

Build a performance culture

Reward employees for tenure and performance. Performance challenges enable businesses to achieve goals and builds morale.

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