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Did Women Lose Some ‘Corporate Steam’ During The Pandemic? 

Many women took a step back during the pandemic. How can companies easily support gender diversity, equality, and DEI initiatives to show women they are valued and needed in corporate culture? … Read More

Feeling Valued Equals Loyalty When It Comes to Healthcare Workers

It’s hard to feel personally invested in a job if you don’t feel valued by your employer – especially for healthcare workers. So, how can delivering value lead to loyalty and ultimately retention for healthcare employers? … Read More

Healthcare Workers Want Financial Stability and the Opportunity to Build Wealth

What do healthcare workers want and how can employers provide it? We asked them, and we have a solution in mind for healthcare employers. … Read More

Top 3 Reasons Healthcare Workers Are Considering Leaving Their Jobs

Since the pandemic, the healthcare industry has seen skyrocketing burnout and resignations. Learn what’s driving healthcare workers out the door. … Read More

How To Avoid Employees Promoting Themselves

Compensation is where an employee’s professional setup meets their personal needs. Building personal value into a comp package through a vesting cash bonus ensures an employee feels heard and appreciated – proactively – while an employer gets the retention they need. … Read More

Teach Your Employees to Fish

Standard compensation isn’t keeping employees engaged and happy. What if you offered them cash today to enhance their financial future – while teaching them what to do with it? … Read More

Employers Can Do Better When It Comes to Tuition Reimbursement

What many employers offer now in terms of tuition reimbursement or education support is a start, but they could be doing much more to help their employees while ensuring their retention at the company. … Read More

Deliver More Value With Your Parental Leave Plan

Many companies struggle to keep up with revenue goals & personnel needs when their team members are on parental leave, but there is another solution no one has considered!  … Read More

Here’s Why Equity Falls Short When it Comes to Compensation

Listen up, recruiters and hiring managers! Equity doesn’t hold the power you think it does. 76% of equity recipients would prefer upfront cash tied to retention.
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Give Your People What They Want – It’s Time for Flexible Compensation

Flexible compensation gives employees a valuable choice – and that’s one more way an employer can stand out in today’s competitive labor market.  … Read More