Tuition Reimbursement

Invest in your employee’s future

Retain key employees with Tuition Reimbursement.

Whether it’s paying off past loans or supporting continued education, vesting tuition reimbursement from Keep can bring employees the financial peace they desire and employers the retention they need.

Retention Strategy

Invest in your employee’s future or ease their financial past.

New research shows that workers with at least some postsecondary education now make up 65 percent of the total employment.

Imagine your current employer finding out that you’re struggling with student debt and taking the steps to completely pay it off for you. That level of care and investment inspires loyalty, which is how you get key talent to stick around.

By leveraging Keep for vesting tuition reimbursements, you can ensure your investment in your employees is managed well, communicated clearly, and tied to retention and proven ROI.

Retention And Performance Bonus Platform

See how vesting tuition reimbursement drives retention.

Through Keep, you can easily set up and deliver vesting tuition reimbursements to employees seeking continuing education or help remove the financial burden of past student loans for those coming out of college.

Ensure that your personnel investments are tied to retention – watch this short video to see it in action.

How do employers benefit from tuition reimbursement?

Smarter Employees

Improved skills and abilities lead to smarter more productive employees.

Competitive Edge

More educated employees lead to organization’s competitive advantage.

Attract & Hire Talent

Tuition reimbursement as a part of a comprehensive benefits program helps attract and retain top talent.

Promote from within

Education enables internal career growth allowing companies to promote from within vs. going externally to fill higher-level positions.

Tax Breaks

Up to $5,250 of tuition reimbursement per employee per year is tax deductible for the employer.

Reduced Turnover

Employees feel a greater sense of loyalty when their organization invests in their future leading to lower turnover rates.

Combat Employee Poaching With Vesting Retention Bonuses

Hiring, Retention, and Performance Solution.

Keep delivers the ability to instantly craft a vesting bonus that meets an employees’ needs while delivering the additional benefits of tenure, emotional attachment, and trackable ROI. What if you had a tool that would allow you to easily create balanced equity to vesting cash benefits packages that met the individual needs of each employee? Well now you do.

Keep’s Employee Engagement Platform (KEEP) will enable you to retain employees longer with easy to deploy vesting bonus plans.

Keep Platform Benefits

Turn-key Onboarding

Turn-key onboarding that allows HR teams to instantly leverage the platform with no dependence on IT integrations.

Bonus Management Dashboard

Bonus dashboard for HR teams to have an integrated view of their bonus portfolio with notifications and updates (for both employers and employees) about key milestones for bonuses.

Employee Portal

Employee self-service portal that lets employees manage their KEEP account and view their bonus vesting schedules.

Governance & Compliance
Governance and compliance features including robust auditing and reconciliation for the finance and FinOps teams to track every bonus and tax payments.
Performance Challenges
Performance Challenges

Attach performance challenges to bonuses. Set goals, if an employee achieves the goals you define, then the employee is rewarded with a reduction in vesting schedule or balance.

Embedded Fintech

Enable seamless bonus delivery and funding execution for increased efficiency. Intuitive user interface (UI) for any sized organization and employees at all salary levels.

Did you know?

Losing, attracting, hiring, and training employees can be expensive and time consuming.
This is a very real, yet fixable problem with Keep Financial’s vesting bonuses.

129%+ ROI

Study results found every employer had positive ROI from tuition assistance. Cigna and Discover achieved 129% and 144% ROI.


Workers receiving tuition assistance are 21% more likely to be promoted.1


87% of executives struggle with skill gaps in the workforce.2


71% rated tuition assistance among the best benefits offered by their employers after healthcare.

No. 1

More than 27% of employees quit their jobs each year. No. 1 reason is lack of career development.


More than 80% of participating employees said the tuition reimbursement program made them happier and more inclined to stay.

Tax Deductible

Up to $5,250 of tuition reimbursement per employee per year is tax-deductible for the employer.


On average, companies spend somewhere between $5,000 and $6,999 per employe per year on tuition reimbursement.

The Keep Advantage.

Keep Financial is revolutionizing how companies engage and retain talent by providing an easy-to-use platform to create and deploy usable cash to employees that is earned over their tenure.

Easy to implement and scale

Delivers long term engagement as these are not transactional but purpose built to drive employee engagement.

Retain top talent

Set bonus vesting schedules that drive retention. Enable employees to access the funds early to achieve their financial goals.

Build a performance culture

Reward employees for tenure and performance. Performance challenges enable businesses to achieve goals and builds morale.

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Get smarter, more productive employees and retain them longer with Tuition Reimbursement from Keep Financial.

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