Attract and Retain Your Skilled Workers with Vesting Bonuses

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How Can Vesting Bonuses Help?

Attracting and securing fresh, loyal talent in automotive and technician roles requires a creative approach to compensation. This often takes the form of substantial signing bonuses to bring in salespeople or technicians. What if these bonuses could be tied to retention and delivered as usable cash up front? Ensuring you not only attract key talent - but that they stick around to support the success of your business.

The war for talent

The current market dynamic is causing businesses to constantly have to recruit, onboard and train resources – on repeat.

Industry agnostic

Acquiring talent is a struggle across all industries. And the need for specialized skills as well as industry competition or crossover all influence the job market.

Skill vs. competition

Factors like skill specialization and
industry crossover vary by sector
and impact how employers need to
recruit and retain their employees.

Future of compensation

As the workplace evolves, so should recruiting. And there is no reason compensation needs to remain a relic when employees desires, dreams, and ethics are all evolving.