Smarter Annual Bonuses

Get more performance from your annual bonuses.

Annual bonuses are typically paid months after the fiscal year. While they’re often associated with company performance and a limited set of employee metrics, this “significantly after the fact” approach to a performance bonus makes it hard to motivate employees in the moment and build towards an annual goal. 
Make your annual bonuses count all year long and give employees early access to portions of their annual bonus during the fiscal year. Keep bonuses ensure that employees stick around until the normal bonus payment date - and beyond.
Looking to get the most out of your annual bonus compensation? Keep offers a free 3-day bonus audit to assess areas in need of improvement.

The challenge

Delayed gratification postpones (and can actually destroy) performance.


You may be experiencing:

  • Bonuses not motivating employees during the fiscal year
  • False expectations and performance signals from bonuses
  • Ubiquitously offered and undifferentiated vs the talent competition
  • Immediate and significant attrition following bonus payments
  • Traditional bonuses not retaining top talent

The opportunity

With Keep, you can finally connect annual bonuses with real-time performance and commitment.

The first real-time replacement of an annual bonus with ongoing performance rewards:


How It Works

  • “Release” portions of annual bonus payments during the fiscal year based on actual performance
  • Set performance objectives for successive annual bonus payment releases
  • Tie each bonus payment release to an obligation, required by the employee, to remain employed until the ordinary bonus payment date (e.g. March 1st of the following calendar year)
  • The retention period may be extended further to recognize the benefit of early access to annual bonus payments
  • Early access to annual bonus payments enable employees to save, invest, and accomplish personal goals earlier

Our System

  • Structures all performance milestones, bonus payment releases & related obligations
  • Allows you to send, track, and automate clawback (as needed) of all bonuses from one dashboard
  • Schedules vesting milestone notifications to employees for increased engagement
  • Optimizes cash flow and AR management, while deferring taxes until vesting milestones

Book Your Annual Bonus Audit Today

Keep's annual bonus audit takes 2-3 days and provides a detailed summary of areas in need of attention or improvement in order to increase the return on annual bonus compensation delivered.

See Keep in action.

Bring performance and value to your annual bonuses with Keep - and watch your return sky rocket.