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Hiring and retaining employees is hard work - not to mention, often manual and complex. We’re here to help.

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The Keep Advantage

A Keep vesting bonus offers far more than money. It provides businesses with a powerful tool to attract and retain top talent while giving employees the recognition they deserve.

Raise employee satisfaction​

Employees want to feel valued and appreciated. Keep vesting bonues offers businesses a flexible compensation tool that increases employee satisfaction along with longevity.

Attract top performers

Fierce competition for top talent makes hiring challenging. Offering a Keep Vesting Cash Bonus to candidates help your offer letters stand out and show that you are willing to invest in the candidate’s future.

Improve retention

Considered a bargaining chip, traditional signing bonuses don’t support future employee retention, morale, or engagement.

Improve performance

Organizations need high-performing consistent staff to hit their company goals. With Keep Vesting Cash Bonuses, teams grow together evolving to high output reliable dynasties.

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