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Improve retention, attract top talent, and increase the ROI of your compensation.

Traditional bonuses aren’t working to attract and retain your top talent, but they could.  With Keep's solutions, including the vesting bonus, expect 4X the results of your current practices. 

The Keep advantage

A vesting bonus from Keep offers far more than money. It provides businesses with a powerful tool to attract and retain top talent, giving employees the upfront compensation they need and employers the long-term ROI they require.

Raise employee satisfaction​

Employees want to feel valued and appreciated. Keep's vesting bonuses offer businesses a flexible compensation solution that increases employee satisfaction along with longevity.

Attract top performers

Fierce competition for top talent makes hiring challenging. Offering a Keep bonus to candidates can help offer letters stand out and show that you are willing to invest in the candidate’s future.

Improve retention

Traditional bonuses don’t guarantee retention. A vesting bonus provides immediate value to employees while rewarding them over time. Giving them motivation to stay longer and contribute more.

Improve performance

Organizations need high-performing, consistent team members to meet company goals and OKRs. With Keep's vesting bonuses, teams can grow together knowing they're valued and supported for the long-term. 

Keep makes a great addition to your compensation toolkit​.

Vesting bonuses from Keep add immediate value to your company’s compensation packages and make flexible compensation a reality. 
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Standard Bonus
One time bonus to the employee.
  • Improves employee satisfaction
  • Does not ensure retention
Stock Options
Options to purchase shares at a specific strike price.
  • Promotes retention
  • Can be difficult to understand
  • Challenging to exercise
  • Confusing tax implications
Promote an employee to a new position.
  • Employee career growth
  • Org structure may not support advancement
  • Internal politics
  • Does not ensure retention
Pay Increase
Raise the salary or hourly rate of employee.
  • Improves employee lifestyle
  • Pay band limitations
  • Does not ensure retention
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Vesting bonuses

Cash received today that is earned over time.

  • Vesting milestones increase retention
  • Improves company appeal for hiring
  • Easy to create and manage
  • Flexible for any size organization
  • Retention and other performance monitoring
  • Early employee access to funds

Vesting Bonus Use Cases.

Keep vesting bonuses support every type of employee for any organization. See examples of various Keep bonus configurations and how employees used the money the way they want.
Essential Workers

Meet Brandon, head of technology at a software firm. Brandon is eager to hire a top recruit named Allison.


Allison is super talented and has numerous job offers. Brandon decides to use Keep to make his job offer stand out.

Head of Technology
Keep For Employer Benefits Brandon@2x
Potential Hire
Keep For Employer Benefits Allison@2x
Keep Use Case Results Icon@2x

Allison chooses Brandon’s job offer over the rest. The Keep vesting bonus stood out and made her feel like the company was investing in her future.


Not only did Allison accept the offer, but she continues to be a top performer on Brandon’s team for years to come.


Meet Jessica, Jessica is head of staff at large hotel group. Her company is struggling across all their hotel properties with turnover. Jessica introduces Keep vesting bonuses to slow the attrition rate.

Head of Staff
Keep For Employer Benefits Jessica@2x
Keep Use Case Results Icon@2x

The vesting bonuses prove to be a big success for Jessica. The employees love the financial freedom it provides. The turnover rate improves dramatically. Jessica saves the company a lot of time and money training and hiring new staff.


Meet Tom, Tom is the CEO of BlueStone. Tom’s company just acquired Mova Inc. along with its 600+ employees. BlueStone has struggled with attrition after the acquisition and decided to use Keep as a way to retain Mova Inc. employees.

Keep For Employer Benefits Tom@2x
Keep Use Case Results Icon@2x

Tom provides attractive Keep vesting bonuses that vest over 3 years to the Mova employees. This makes the Mova employees feel comforted knowing that Tom and BlueStone care about their future at the company. This results in a much lower attrition rate. Tom and BlueStone are now in a great position to achieve their company goals.

Essential Workers
Meet Carol, Carol is responsible for employee benefits for CareOne Hospital. The Hospital is suffering from a shortage of nurses and other essential staff.
Carol discovers Keep and decides to add vesting bonuses to their hiring and retention compensation packages.
Employee Benefits
Keep For Employer Benefits Carol@2x
Keep Use Case Results Icon@2x

Carol’s introduction of Keep vesting bonuses drastically improves hiring and retention across the entire organization. This significantly improves productivity, revenue, and morale.


Meet Bruce, Bruce is a partner at his law firm. He has competing law firms trying to poach his top lawyers all the time. Lynda is one of his firm’s top attorneys. He wishes to show his appreciation and secure her services for years to come. Bruce offers Lynda a Keep vesting bonus.

Law Firm Partner
Keep For Employer Benefits Bruce@2x
Top Attorney
Keep For Employer Benefits Lynda@2x
Keep Use Case Results Icon@2x

The attractive Keep bonus vests over 4 years. Lynda loved that Bruce proactively offered her the bonus and recognized her contribution. Lynda has a renewed sense of loyalty and appreciation for her firm and declines incoming offers.

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