Reduce turnover, manual bonus administration, and payroll headaches.

Delivering sign-on, retention, or performance bonuses? Dealing with manual administration, clawbacks, tax corrections, payroll headaches, and more? 

Keep's fully digital platform helps you simplify bonus management, optimize cash flow, automate clawbacks, reduce your administrative burden, and more.

With Keep's vesting bonuses – upfront compensation earned over time – you can attract nurses and providers, retain them longer, and incent their performance. Trying to cover hard-to-fill shifts? We've got you. 

Let us show you how we can help. 

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The challenge

Healthcare recruiting and retention are in a state of emergency

Your traditional sign-on bonuses may be falling short. Often, they fail to incent, recruit, and retain employees, they’re an administrative burden to manage, and they create inefficient taxation and complex payroll processing.



Traditional compensation is ineffective in delivering value and ensuring retention.


Average nursing turnover cost is $46,100+ with an average cost to hire at $4,425 or more.

Lost Productivity

Teams and businesses are underperforming due to staff shortages. 

Traditional retention-based compensation creates administrative headaches and unnecessary expense



Clawbacks are expensive to enforce and many end up unenforceable.

Tax Complexities

Paying taxes up front leads to countless hours wasted on preventable W2 corrections.

Manual Tracking

Manually tracking bonuses and forgivable loans makes automation and scalable edits difficult.

90% of hospital nurses surveyed had thoughts of leaving.

Hospital IQ Survey, 2021

The solution

Custom, scalable sign-on and retention bonuses

Keep Financial gives you a flexible compensation platform to offer, send, and manage your sign-on, retention, and performance-based bonuses. With Keep, you can improve your recruiting, retention, and performance through a fully digital, automated platform to deliver upfront compensation earned over time.


Automate compensation

A fully automated system to deliver upfront compensation tied to time-based and performance-based vesting

Track milestones

Enable employees and employers to track & celebrate milestones

Improve finances

Improve providers’ credit and help remove their financial roadblocks

Flexible and modifiable

Include flexible components like performance challenges, easily modify arrangements

Optimize cash flow

Optimize cash flow & AR management, defer taxes & automate collections

Reduce manual effort

Save time and money by automating manual tasks like bonus tracking, clawbacks, W2 corrections, and more.

Keep Financial features

  • Turn-key product and no IT support required

  • Bonus dashboard with employer and employee views

  • Employee self-service portal to view milestones and withdraw bonus

  • Governance and compliance built-in

  • Finance-friendly, with robust auditing and reconciliation features 

“Keep has been an important tool in our employee retention program at Bestow, and we’re eager to utilize Keep Performing to better align performance objectives with significant compensation events.”

Claire Martin | CFO at Bestow Inc.

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