Incent and retain your educators with smarter compensation.

Traditional signing and retention bonuses aren’t working to attract and retain your top talent, but they could.  With Keep, expect 4X the results of your current practices. 

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The challenge

Traditional compensation is no longer attracting and retaining talent

Schools around the country are still feeling the aftershocks of the pandemic-induced virtual education experience when it comes to keeping and attracting new teachers. With exponential educator vacancies, school districts are struggling to attract educators and keep up with higher-paying schools.

Given that most teachers' salaries are paid from a set payscale based on experience and education level, a signing bonus could make the difference between a school filling their vacancies or not. 

It’s time for a smarter approach to recruiting, motivating, and retaining educators.


Low Retention

Smarter, retention-based compensation is a key way to demonstrate appreciation for the work these employees put in while enabling them to build long-term wealth. 

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) found that every year, 8% of US teachers leave their profession early, and another 8% move to a different school, giving a total turnover rate of 16%.


Low Morale

Most educators went through what may have felt like a war during the pandemic. Keeping students sane while grappling with their own sanity at the same time.

If their district could verbally recognize this strain and deliver compensation to show its support, that would go a long way to keep teachers engaged and motivated. 



Teachers know they are few and far between right now, so they truly have their pick of the highest paying district or the highest signing bonus.

It’s up the hiring leaders to stand out and show prospective teachers that their school will value them, pay them, and keep them. 

Traditional retention-based compensation creates administrative headaches and unnecessary expense



Clawbacks are expensive to enforce and many end up unenforceable.

Tax Complexities

Paying taxes up front leads to countless hours wasted on preventable W2 corrections.

Manual Tracking

Many track sign-on and retention bonuses manually, making automation and scalable edits difficult.

Teacher turnover, which usually averages about 16% nationwide, could see a spike as anywhere from 25% to 54% of educators are considering leaving the profession.

The solution

Custom, scalable sign-on and retention bonuses

Keep Financial gives you a flexible compensation platform to offer, send, and manage your sign-on, retention, and performance-based bonuses. With Keep, you can improve your recruiting, retention, and performance through a fully digital, automated platform to deliver upfront compensation earned over time.


Automate compensation

A fully automated system to deliver upfront compensation tied to time-based and performance-based vesting

Track milestones

Enable employees and employers to track & celebrate milestones

Improve finances

Improve providers’ credit and help remove their financial roadblocks

Flexible and modifiable

Include flexible components like performance challenges, easily modify arrangements

Optimize cash flow

Optimize cash flow & AR management, defer taxes & automate collections

Reduce manual effort

Save time and money by automating manual tasks like bonus tracking, clawbacks, W2 corrections, and more.

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Keep Financial features

  • Turn-key product and no IT support required

  • Bonus dashboard with employer and employee views

  • Employee self-service portal to view milestones and withdraw bonus

  • Governance and compliance built-in

  • Finance-friendly, with robust auditing and reconciliation features 

“Keep has been an important tool in our employee retention program at Bestow, and we’re eager to utilize Keep Performing to better align performance objectives with significant compensation events.”

Claire Martin | CFO at Bestow Inc.

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