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Here's what keeps your employees around longer and increases the ROI of your compensation.

Product Features

Keep makes it easy for you to create and manage vesting bonuses for thousands of employees.

Create custom vesting bonuses

Keep's platform gives you the flexibility to design custom vesting bonuses tailored to each individual employee. At each vesting milestone, that amount is paid down by the employer and treated as earned income making it a perfect solution for hiring and retention problems.

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Not your average bonus

A vesting bonus is far more powerful than a traditional bonus as it vests over time, allowing the employee to be rewarded for their continued contribution.
In addition, the vesting bonus is available immediately, allowing employees to draw upon ANY amount of the full bonus at ANY time. The bonus is paid down by the employer at each vesting milestone.
This gives the employee early access to funds for whatever they need in life.

Create performance challenges

Motivate your employees by setting attainable performance goals within a vesting bonus. Give your employees the financial incentive to go that extra mile.

  • Assign custom performance challenges to vesting bonuses
  • Upon acheiving goals, employee earns a reward
  • Rewards include reduction in vesting period or balance due
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Keep Product Features Manage vesting cash bonuses@2x

Manage your vesting bonuses

Keep makes it easy to manage all your Keep vesting bonuses in one place.

  • Add & sync employees
  • Track vesting milestones
  • And more…

Add employees

Adding your employees to Keep so you can issue vesting bonuses is easy. Simply add any employee at your organization you wish to provide a vesting bonus to.

Simply connect your HR directory to sync your staff with Keep and you may begin providing vesting bonuses in no time.

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Keep Product Features Team management@2x

Team management

Invite your team to create and manage your organization’s bonus program. Use our default roles and permissions or set your own.

  • Invite team members
  • Set roles and permissions
  • Unlimited team members

Employee portal

Employees are given access to Keep allowing them to easily access their account from anywhere.

  • Check vesting schedule
  • Transfer money
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Keep Product Features Rewarding milestones@2x

Rewarding milestones

A vesting milestone is an exciting event that should be celebrated. The employee is notified of each vesting milestone. The vested portion of the Keep bonus given to the employee no longer must be repaid and is treated as earned income.

Funding made easy

Keep provides flexible options to fund your bonuses and streamlined features to manage payouts.

You can transfer money to fund each bonus within 48 hours of the employee accepting the bonus agreement.

Keep Product Features Funding made easy@2x

Increase the value of your compensation with smarter bonuses from Keep.

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