Reduce turnover, manual bonus administration, and payroll headaches with Keep.

Delivering sign-on or forgivable loans? Dealing with manual administration, tax corrections, payroll headaches, and more? 

Keep's fully digital, automated platform will help you simplify bonus management, optimize cash flow, automate clawbacks, reduce your administrative burden, and more.

With Keep's vesting cash bonuses – upfront compensation earned over time – you can attract nurses and providers, retain them longer, and incent their performance. Trying to cover hard-to-fill shifts? We've got you. 

Let us show you how we can help. 

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The Current State of Healthcare

Over 40% of healthcare employees have thoughts of leaving their role. We know burnout is real. A flexible compensation platform can significantly (and immediately) improve employee sentiment, engagement, and retention while REDUCING the burden from W2 corrections and other manual tasks.

Eliminate 90% of time wasted administering your bonuses and forgivable loans with Keep’s ‘smart’ healthcare compensation platform.

The platform allows employers to deliver cash compensation to employees that is earned over time. Vesting cash bonuses can be customized for both employers and employees seamlessly through the platform. 

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