Modern Bonus Management

Take the headache out of bonus management.

Managing and tracking bonuses across an entire organization has always been a headache ... until now

Keep gives employers an easy, automated tool to deliver smarter bonuses and track existing compensation like sign-on bonuses, performance bonuses, spot bonuses, annual bonuses, retention bonuses, executive compensation, and more - all with hassle-free collections.

At the same time, Keep’s platform gives employees a user-friendly portal to track, manage, and stay engaged with their bonuses - extending the value of all compensation.

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Today's Bonus Management Challenges


Wasted Time

Time wasted issuing and tracking bonuses across multiple systems (Excel, ATS, HRIS)

Manual Processes

Manual clawbacks and collections process with time wasted calculating employee debt

Tax Errors

W-2 wage errors, overpaid taxes at time of bonus, manual W-2 corrections for the IRS

Modern Bonus Management with Keep

  • Single system of record for bonus management for both employers and employees

  • Employer reputation protected with automated collections process and outsourced management

  • Keep bonuses are expensed at vesting - no more filing corrected W-2s or amended payroll taxes

“For us, the key benefit is that we no longer need to do amended W-2 or file tax return w/ IRS - that is a huge time and headache saver.”

Finance Director | 4000 FTE Healthcare System

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