For employers, one of the biggest drains on productivity is employee churn and the time and expense it takes to recruit, hire, and train new people. Gallup recently reported that if you can engage and retain existing employees, your company and your team will enjoy 20% higher productivity, 45% less turnover, 21% greater profitability. 

What can really change the game for employees – and often solidify their decision to join or stay at a company –  is to receive a substantial cash bonus as part of their compensation. 

Offering a compensation package that includes a bonus tied to a retention period is a win win for all. That one-time lump sum could have a real impact on the employee’s life by providing the means to pay down credit card or student loan debt, create a retirement account, put a down payment on a home or even a potential investment property, and so much more. Each one of these options has the power to create long-term wealth over time versus the short-term honeymoon period of a salary increase.  

By offering employees a dynamic compensation package, with a cash lump sum tied to retention, you’re not only giving your people something beneficial for their long term wealth generation, you’re ensuring you get a longer tenure from them, thus increasing (or simply ensuring) the return of your compensation. 

This is what we mean when we talk about the return on investment (ROI) of your compensation. 

By investing in and engaging with your employees’ short term needs, you’re investing in the long-term success of your company. And as we’ve seen (and as studies show), low engagement teams typically endure turnover rates that are 18% to 43% higher than highly engaged teams.

Upfront cash demonstrates the value that your company sees in the employee, it reduces the unnecessary costs of recruiting and hiring if that person would have left, and it boosts productivity from the employee, knowing they’ve been given a life changing reward. Each one of these can be tied to positive ROI. 

At Keep, we’re delivering compensation-driven ROI for each stakeholder – a larger cash payment to employees to significantly accelerate their personal financial goals while helping employers retain their key employees so they can focus on growth versus turnover. 

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