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‘Goodbye’ Costs Time, Money, and Morale When It’s From An Employee

One thing all businesses have in common no matter their size, income or location is the inconvenience of a skilled staff member resigning. It costs time, money and morale. Turnover matters and unfortunately for employers, it’s increasing. AON’s Salary Increase … Read More

Top 3 Ways to Attract Skilled Workers During a Talent Shortage

Businesses everywhere are experiencing a universal shortage of talent. A recent study by NFIB showed that 46% of all small business owners reported job openings they could not fill in the current period, down three points from August, while the … Read More

The Rising Tide of Inflation: How Flexible Compensation like Vesting Cash Can Help Employees and Companies Deal

Rather than raising salaries to meet inflation, employers should look into creative compensation solutions to meet employer and employee needs. … Read More

Uncomfortable Truths – Hiring and attrition isn’t just a quantitative exercise and comp studies are inherently flawed

Your employees’ and applicants’ talents aren’t equal so neither is attrition. The perfect people in the right spots at the right time will equal a more productive team. So, incent the best talent to join, stay and perform through innovative compensation. … Read More

Increase The Value of Your Retention Pool, Not The Amount

Looking to hold onto key talent during an M&A or business transformation? Try vesting cash retention. … Read More

From Salary Dependence to Financial Freedom

Your compensation can and should support your financial future. It’s time to break the cycle of salary dependence. … Read More

3 Benefits to Thinking Outside-The-Box on Compensation

When it comes to compensation, annual salaries have always been the priority since they make up the vast majority of total compensation for employees. To help differentiate their offers over time, employers have added other forms of direct and indirect … Read More

The Battle for Talent is Real

Company culture, flexible work environments, benefits, etc are all ways to stand out as an employer – but what about a retention opportunity in the form of compensation? … Read More

Don’t Hire a Team…Build a Professional Dynasty 

What if you could hire the EXACT people you want and need and keep them for twice as long? … Read More